If you're in the planning process for a secret proposal, CONGRATULATIONS!!


Two Ways (We Know) to Secretly Propose:

  • Plan a portrait session with your significant other. 
    During this step, your significant other knows there will be a portrait session in the beautiful Bahamas with a stunning backdrop. Here's what happens..you meet the photographer, start the "normal" portrait session, and then...BOOM! You propose. The photographer, of course, will set up the best photographic situation and give you a cue. We try to take a step back during this process to give you time to share this intimate moment with each other while we capture photographs in a non-intrusive way.
  • No photographer in sight.
    During this step, you would have arranged with the photographer the exact location to capture the proposal. The photographer stays in hiding like a wannabe special ops. Then...BOOM! You propose. This option requires a little more planning and communication as we understand there are variables that can affect the original plan, such as the weather, change in schedule, and just nerves. We try to stay in contact with the proposer to get an idea of what they look like, what they are wearing, and when they will be arriving to the location.